About MABA

The primary purpose of MABA is to work in conjunction with the Athletic Director to provide assistance and support to the various Member Booster Clubs (“MBC”) that support interscholastic sports at Mason High School.

A primary benefit of MABA is that it enables the MBCs to operate as nonprofit organizations. MABA is a corporation that operates under the 501(c)3 nonprofit provision of the US Internal Revenue Code. MABA is able to include participating MBCs in its nonprofit status, thereby eliminating the need for those MBCs to pay state and federal income taxes. The nonprofit status of MBCs also allows for donors to make tax deductible donations.

Some of the activities that MABA is involved with include assisting the Athletic Director with concession contracts utilized by any MBC that runs concessions  and coordinating MBC volunteer opportunities for out-of-sport/out-of-season concessions and parking.

The majority of booster clubs supporting Mason High School athletics are members of MABA. Any booster club that actively fundraises is required to be a member of MABA. A list of Member Booster Clubs can be found here.

MBCs don’t pay anything to be members of MABA. MABA doesn’t take a cut of any funds raised by or donated to an MBC.

MABA meetings are open to any parent of a Mason High School athlete.

MABA is governed by a Booster Council, which directs MABA affairs. The Booster Council is comprised of the Executive Board and one Sport Representative from each MBC. The Executive Board is elected by the Sport Representatives. Sport Representatives are designated by the individual MBCs.

Meetings are typically held once a month. The meeting schedule can be found in the events calendar.

Full details regarding the operation of MABA can be found in the MABA By-Laws.